TREN-A 500 PL Test Results at Anabolic Lab - 08.02.2016

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Before this test results came up, we had already made public that we underwent certain technical issues. The test results were no surprise to us and we took an immediate action by sacking two chemists who were responsible for the error. We also renewed the whole system and improved our controls. Any customer who wishes to replace his previous faulty order can do so by submitting his/her order number.

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We know that we came out of each error reinforced and improved and we do apologize to our customers for each and every inconvenience we may have caused.

TREN-A 500 PL - Anabolic Lab Test Results

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MASTERON 500 Test Results at Anabolic Lab - 03.02.2016

Dear Customer,
According to a test done in Anabolic Lab, it was detected 100 mg/ml raw material instead of 123 mg/ml in our product MASTERON 500
We strongly believe it was a test error of Anabolic Lab as we never put more raw material in our products than necessary.

MASTERON 500 - Anabolic Lab Test Results

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TESTO-P 500 Test Results at Anabolic Lab - 03.02.2016

Dear customers,
According to a test done in Anabolic Lab, Testosterone Enanthate was detected rather than Testosterone Propionate in one of the samples.
The culprit was probably the wrong labels fed into machines.
Two of the employees were made redundant after the incident and controls started to be made more frequent.

TESTO-P 500 - Anabolic Lab Test Results

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Spokesman or Moderator at Anabolic Lab - 09.01.2016

It has brought to our attention that there are certain users in forums like AnabolicLab and others that give a false impression to the other users like they are the respresentitives and/or spokesman of GEN-SHI LABS.

GEN-SHI LABS have no connection whatsoever with such person or persons.

We have no respresentitives or spokesman or a moderator who work for us in forum called Anabolic Lab ( or any other.

Our website and the email addresses presented there are the sole official means to communicate with us.

For your information. Thank you for your continued support.

New Products - 10.11.2015

Our latest products, PEPTIDES have been added to our product line. Please contact us if you have any questions, we will be glad of any help.

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